What Is Digital Illustration | 8 Main Elements

Digital illustration and uncover the artistry behind this innovative World. The elements are lines, shapes, color and texture. Learn how these elements come together to create captivating visuals, and learn how to use these tools to bring your artistic vision to life.

digital illustration

What is Digital Illustration?

Digital illustration is the process of creating an image by using digital devices such as computers, stylus pens, tablets and tools. These images are created on the basis of conveying your emotions through graphics.

The traditional way to create images was difficult by using oil, water paints, and colors on paper but in ths modern era, they are created on computers. Because the ease of creating these is possible by using new technologies and tools. It allows artists to create and easily manipulate the created images on such platforms, by providing flexible editing tools. 

Different types of tools are used to create this illustration like Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. These are the most famous and easy tools to create digital graphics.Digital illustration is a major part of the UI and UX of a website because they use digital illustration for their branding. They mostly used this for their business enhancement, to look over their services and products.

Why Digital Illustration Is Important in this Modern Age?

Digital illustration is necessary in the modern age due to its versatility, economic benefits, environmental advantages, and great impact on creativity, technology, education, culture, business, and the entertainment industry. It enhances the way we create, communicate, and consume visual content.

Some main points out how digital illustration is impacting this modern era;

  • It helps the business to create unique and attractive identities to grab the targeted audience.
  • It plays an important role in content marketing, by creating content for websites, social media platforms, and ads campaigns and enhancing the visibility of the platform.
  • Digital illustration reduces the requirements of physical materials, this technology makes it easy for artists and businesses for effective cost.
  • The main purpose of digital illustration is branding, advertising, and business marketing to create compelling graphics and retain an audience.
  • It also enhances the UI/UX experience of the websites and different platforms, by making the design attractive.
  • One more effective point of it, it reduces time as it provides opportunities for the editing and manipulation the things easily and continuously if needed.

Elements Of The Digital Illustration:

Key elements involved in digital illustration are discussed below;


Line is one of the most fundamental elements of illustration. It is used for various purposes and contributes to the overall composition, style, and impact of the artwork. Different types of the lines whether they are thick, thin, smooth or rough can convey different styles and emotions in the art.


The most important element of digital illustration is the selection of the colors. The selection of colors sets the tone and contrast of the things in an illustration. Use of realistic colors affects the more visuality.


It mostly refers to the eye-catchy surfaces and feel of the objects within the art. It is done through the arrangements of lines and color shadings, it gives an impression of how the art feels.


Shapes are defined as the boundaries enclosed by lines, colors and other elements. The interplay of the shapes can create stylish patterns and tension in the artwork, for more visual attraction.


It mostly refers to the three-dimensional quality of the objects in art that gives them a depth and volume. It helps to create a sense of realism, give depth, spacing and composition and also narrates to particular themes.


It is the textual representation on the visual compositions and it involves in the styling, and selection of fonts and words to convey the real meaning and enhance the visual effect. It plays an important role in communicating messages and tones according to the illustration objects.

File Size:

Choosing the proper resolution and canvas size makes sure that the illustration is clear and detailed, suitable for its intended use whether for printing or digitally.


Layers are an important part of illustration that helps you to manage different elements individually to edit easily in an artwork. They can be used to apply different effecting modes, and filters to adjust the illustration without affecting the whole image.


They refer to the suggestion of action and progression in the artwork. It conveys a sense of motion or activity, whether it’s the literal movement of objects or characters or the implied flow. Lines of different styles, motions such as jumping running etc, and blurring or smudging the objects.


In illustration, a pattern refers to a repeated decorative design or motif that is applied to elements within the artwork. Patterns can be simple or complex, abstract, organic, geometric or representational. These different types of patterns have different styling features that enhance the image.


In conclusion, digital illustration stands at the front of artistic expression, providing versatility, efficiency, and ease to designers. It becomes more authorized by using different tools and techniques, and by exploring each of them. Now it has become an essential tool in various industries, from advertising and publishing to entertainment and education. With these ongoing changes in technologies and tools, artists must push their boundaries and use different models to prove themselves in the world.


1.Which software is commonly used for Digital Illustration?

Popular software for digital illustration includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint

2.What are the advantages of the illustration?

The main advantages of Digital illustration are unlimited undo/redo options, a wide range of digital brushes and textures, and the ability to easily edit and manipulate the artwork.

3.What are famous resources for learning digital illustration?

The famous online courses to learn illustration are Udemy and Skillshare. You can also learn from different YouTube Channels and websites like Adobe Create Magazine 

4.Is digital illustration a demanding skill?

yes, digital illustration is a demanding skill, given its application across various industries, growing demand for high-quality visuals, and continuous innovation.

5.Write down the common types of digital illustration? 

Children’s books illustration, editorial illustration, and advertising art illustration are the most common types of illustration in the market.


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