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Sites like siliconindia, entretech, and revolvertech are the best tech guest posting sites. Elevate the power of guest posting in the world of technology and how it can boost the tech business. You can drive organic traffic, build authority, and generate leads.

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Learn how this modern method is increasing the visibility and stability of the website by publishing and creating links with the high traffic site. It helps the business to get more clients by guest posting. Thats why it is important to analyse every aspect of the guest posting websites.

What are Technology Guest Blogging Sites?

The platforms or Websites that accept articles on different technology-related topics and publish them are guest posting sites. It gives opportunities to various writers, tech experts, and marketers to share their ideas about different technologies. The main benefit is that you not only accept the traffic from your site but also from other websites.

10 Best Technology Guest Posting Sites:

The list of the best technology guest posting website;

Website  Traffic Domain Authority  Domain Rating 1.62k 63 77 14.8k 66 78 1.82k 28 32 2.40k 27 52 16.3k 18 56 1.86k 61 71 1.14k 22 64 1.1k 12 61 2.13k 13 52

Methods to Find Technology Guest Posting Sites:

The best and easy way to find guest blogs that accept technology articles is Google Search or Google Instant. So many strategies are here you can follow to find such types of blogs;

By Using Keywords:

Use your main keyword in a phrase to find guest posting sites. Like;

  • “Technology Guest Posting”
  • “Submit Guest Posting Technology”

Using the Google Search method:

By using Google’s search capabilities with specific queries to find guest posting opportunities. Here are some common search operators you can use for finding guest posting sites:

  • “[technology]” + “guest post”
  • “[technology]” + “write for us”
  • “[technology]” + “submit an article”
  • “[technology]” + “contribute”
  • “[technology]” + “guest article”
  • “[technology]” + “become a contributor”
  • “[technology]” + “guest post guidelines”

Use Advanced Google Search Operators:

Google search operators can narrow down your searches. Here are some methods:

  • intitle: “guest post” + [technology]
  • “guest post” + inurl:blog + [technology]
  • inurl: “write-for-us” + [technology]

Relevant Keywords for narrow  Searches:

Related keywords that can be used for Guest Posting opportunities for finding relevant sites are as follows;

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Cyber-security
  • Software Development
  • Hardware and Gadgets
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Tech Business and Startups
  • Tech Events and Conferences
  • Software and Apps

Explore Social Media And Online Directories:

By using your social media networks, explore the LinkedIn communities, Facebook Groups, and Twitter chats to find the required guest posting. Engage with them and get different ideas from them. While analysing websites check the list and their directories that will provide a comprehensive guide for guest position opportunities.

How To Find the Best Quality Guest Posting Sites?

There are so many guidelines but the most important we follow are discussed here. Every website has different requirements to publish the content and make a link to thier websites. But we have to configure the best sites that are relevant, creating high authority back-links and fulfils all your needs.

Explain your target:

Your target must include increasing brand visibility, driving large traffic, high authority, and sustainability.

Identify your niche:

You must be clear with your niche or keyword that targets a specific audience. This will increase visibility and drive traffic that your blog will reach to targeted or relevant users.

Search for guest-posting blogs:

Search your query on Google to find the websites that are accepting articles for publishing. The site must have traffic, allowing back-linking, whether they’re Do-Follow or No follow back-links, less Domain Rating (DR), and Domain Authority (DA). You can find these sites by using different methods, which are discussed in this article.

Use SEO Tools:

By using different tools, you can check the website’s traffic, domain authority, and back-link profiles. These tools like Ahrefs Domain Rating, Semrush Domain Analytics and Moz Domain Authority can make it more efficient and quick.

Finalise The Required Blog:

When you check all the aspects of the guest blogging sites and then finalise the one site and reach out to them for your deal. Pitch them, explain your requirements and give them some writing samples if they fit their site audience and make an open deal.


Finding the best quality and relevant guest posting + technology sites requires a lot of research and strategies to publish your blog. In the end, finding a high-quality and relevant guest blogging site can give you 10x more benefits in aspects of gaining traffic, enhancing visibility and more conversions. Continuously sharing content on high-authority platforms can give more visibility and drive traffic in less time.


1. What mistakes are avoided in tech Guest Blogging?

Ignoring the guidelines of the sites, irrelevant content, not optimised in aspects of SEO, and lack of engagement within the content. These must be avoided for potential results.

2. Which topics are famous for tech Guest Postings?

Reviews of new tech products and software, technology implementations, and cyber-security threats and their solutions guides.

3. How can a technology guest post article written?

Best practices for writing articles: the content must be value-adding, original, plagiarism-free, and unique.

4. How do companies benefit from Guest posting?

Companies can benefit in several ways including brand awareness, authority building, lead generation, and expansion of the network.

5. How can we build long-term relationships with technology blogs for guest posting?

Publish regular content, a professional way of writing, SEO optimised, value-added, and proofread content can make site owners trust on contributors.


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