14 Best SEO Site Audit Tools 2024

SEO Website Audit Tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and Sitechecker are available for an instant overview of your site. These are the easy and famous ways to track the site performance matrices and problems, suggest errors, and detail them in a report format. 

site audit tools


What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit is the process in which all the aspects of websites are checked completely if they are according to the best SEO practices. If there are errors that are blocking the way to rank, they will be analyzed and detected. Website Audit is the very first and important step towards success in terms of ranking of the website.

The main purpose of auditing a website is to know about the issues that are blocking the ranking and creating other errors. The website audit report must be comprehensive in which all these issues must be discussed,

  1. On-Page SEO Errors.
  2. Technical SEO Errors.
  3. Local SEO Errors.

14 Best Website Audit Tools 2024:

The listed tools will make your work easy by checking thoroughly in less time and detecting every minor error. It is difficult for a site owner and content manager to check each page of a website that has millions of pages every day. 

Tools  Working Pricing
Site Explorer / Site Audit Free+$200 / Year
  1. Seomator
Site Audit / Rank Tracker $49 cost / Month
  1. SEOptimer
White Label Reports / Site Audit $19  / Month
  1. Screaming Frog
Site Audit Free+ $259 / Year
  1. SE Ranking
Website Audit / Backlinks Checker $44 cost / Month
  1. SEMRush
Keywords Explorer/Site Audit $130 / Month
  1. Clearscope
Site Audit / Links Checker $199 cost / Month
  1. ContentKing
Site Monitoring/Site Auditing Free+ Flexible Pricing
  1. Google Search Console
Measure Site Performance Free
  1. JetOctopus
Site Crawler / auditing $276 / Month
  1. Moz
Crawl and audit site $99 / Month
  1. SEO Site Checkup
Site Audit $99 /Month
  1. SiteChecker Pro
Analysis and Audit Free+ $50 / Month
  1. MySiteAuditor
SEO Audit Report Free+$39 / Month

Elements Of On-Page SEO:

It includes on-site errors such as; 

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Meta-Description
  3. Titles
  4. Headings
  5. Schema Markup
  6. Video and Images
  7. SEO Content
  8. Content Freshness
  9. Permalinks, 
  10. URL Structure
  11. Internal Linking

Elements Of Technical SEO:

This involves the technical features of a website. Features like;

  1. Crawlability 
  2. Indexability 
  3. External Link Building
  4. Redirections
  5. Robots.txt
  6. Website Page Speed
  7. XML- Sitemap 
  8. Core Web Vitals
  9. Friendly Responsiveness

Elements Of Local SEO:

This part involves when targeting a website in local search results. It includes;

  1. Local Link Building 
  2. Business Listing Optimization
  3. Citation Building 

How can a Website be Audited?

Conducting a website audit is a systematic process that makes sure your website is adhering to the best SEO practices described by Search Engines. It identifies the areas that need improvements in ranking, online visibility and gaining more organic traffic.

Step By Step Guide To Audit A Website:

Easy steps are discussed below.

On-Page SEO Errors:

Some elements included in On-Page SEO are below:

seo audit tools

1.Titles and Meta Description:

Analyze the length, keyword usage, uniqueness and relevancy of the title tags and meta descriptions.


Make sure that h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 are properly structured and meaningful. The headings hierarchy must be organized.

3.URL / Permalinks Structure:

Evaluate that all the permalinks on the website are targeting the main keyword, proper use of hyphens, and the length of the URL.

4.Videos and Images:

The optimization of the images and videos includes images alt-text, size, and resolution that must not be compromised.

5.Content Analysis:

Make sure your content is original, value- added and specific to its keyword. The main factor in ranking on Serch Enginee is the content freshness.

Technical SEO Errors:


Make sure your website allows search engines to crawl your site. Check out the broken links, 404 errors, and redirections that block the crawlers from crawling your site.


On the other hand, ensure there is no duplicate content, proper contextualization of links, and less site response time to index quickly.

3.External Link Building:

Analyze that no low-quality or spammy links are found in your content, always use relevant and quality links on your websites.

4.Robot.txt File:

Robot.txt File is crucial and a significant part of the website ranking, which mainly allows the robots to crawl or index the pages or not. This must be properly optimized according to your needs. 

5.Website Responsiveness:

The layout or design of the website on mobile phones and desktops is the immediate glance and impacts directly on the user’s experience. The user will not stay at the messy looking website. The design should be user-friendly both on phones and desktops.

6.XML- Sitemap:

The efficient part of the technical SEO, it contains the attributes, explaining the additional information of the crawling pages to be crawled quickly. This must be optimized for the best SEO ranking performance.


Choosing the right SEO audit tools is crucial for maintaining and improving your website’s search engine performance. By regularly using these tools, you can identify and fix issues, enhance your website’s usability and content, and ultimately improve your search engine rankings. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, integrating these tools into your SEO workflow will provide you with the actionable insights needed to stay ahead in the Top Rankings.


How can SEMrush help with competitive analysis in an SEO audit?

SEMrush helps with the analysis in an SEO audit throughout the site like; Domain Overview, content analysis, back-links checking, on-page and technical SEO etc

Why Screaming Frog SEO Spider a preferred tool for technical SEO audits?

Due to real-time and detailed analysis of the website, Screaming Frog is famous and more reliable over others.

Why is it important to perform regular SEO audits?

For long-term success, you need to do a regular SEO audit of your website to track regular performance, detecting errors, and resolve them in a frequently.

Are site auditing tools free?

Most of the tools are free of cost to analyse the sites but the paid versions of the tools can fetch more accurate and upto-date data



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