8 Types Of Children’s Book Illustration You Must Check

Children’s book illustration is the technique used for creating art on the books of children. This is a significant development in the digital era, by using different tools and techniques, books are designed. To understand the basic things around children, illustration plays an important to identifying the things they see in the actual world

For young children who are just growing to pick things and remember things for so long time. At this time, the illustrated children’s books are too much helping for them to understand easily. The illustration in children’s books is the most attention-grabbing way. This is quite different from traditional paintings, sketches, color painting, and other fine arts.

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In the child’s story books, more illustrations are required to reflect the diversity of the living world. Make sure the style you chose to illustrate on books, should narrate to your perspective.

Types Of Children’s Book Illustration:

So my digital techniques to create art on books are very popular. First, you should decide which type of illustration you wanna use in your book. You want bold, scary, beautiful elegant art, or cartoony and don’t feel like it’s a limited choice for you. For instance, the cartoon can be the funniest one, ghosting or goofy.

Cartoon Style Illustration:

The cartoon style illustration on children’s book is popular for its bright and vibrant visuals. It has no reality but it is more exaggerated. It can be further divided into different mediums like cute, funny scariest, or ghosting styles of illustration. 

Realistic Illustration:

Realistic illustration is mostly concerned with reality but in children’s books, realistic illustration does not refer to hyper-realisation that is simplistic or extremely detailed illustrations. By blending it with some other styles and making an illustration that shows a real-life representation but not in terms of common sense.

Wondrous Whimsical Illustration Styles:

wondrous illustration style 300x300 1An illustration based on fantasy, childlike, carefree, and dreamy like an imaginary world but less on real life. Most of the children’s books are created with whimsical illustration art like bedtime stories which show talking animals, imaginary characters, etc.

Vintage Children’s Book Illustration Styles:

This style of illustration brings the old days and embraces past classics by using different expertise in creating art. It is the one that is more difficult to style but the perfect idea for children’s books to connect them with grandparents’ eras. This style does not apparently displayed on children’s books.

Line Drawing Children’s Book illustration style:

Line drawings illustrations are the outlines of colorless drawings just to express ideas. It’s normally drawn by using only a line of just one color or no shading. Nowadays it’s not regular in Children’s Books.

Sketch Style Illustration:

Sketch-style illustration is similar to line drawing but roughly designed and more focused on simple and expressional art. It gives more comprehensive details of things. But was very common in old books as the new styles were introduced.

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Stylised And Exaggerated Styles:

Non-realistic designs are usually considered “stylised” and these styles are used in art & design to create a recognisable look by using bold colours and geometric shapes. The most famous and comprehensive style of children’s book illustration. 

Abstract Illustration Styles:

Abstract illustration is art that is not a perfect portrait of visual representation but is like aesthetic graphics by using shapes, colours, forms, and lines to create abstract art. Get some ideas form here

Sizes Of Children’s Book Illustration: 

Illustrations for children’s books should be designed by using water color, simple pencil drawings, and stylized. The following styles could be considered for illustration in books;

Half Page Illustration:

The term clearly describes that the illustration covers half of the one or single page and the other half is textual. It clarifies fewer details because of the small size of graphics, as the required page is just half. This children’s book illustration style is usually more demanding for storytelling books.

Full Or Single Page:

full page illustration 214x300 1

It requires a full page to create an illustration art, it gives more space to describe the artistical form of stories and all other content in detail by comprehensive illustration. 

Spot Style Illustrations:

These are small and simple logo-type illustrations that brighten up the header, corners, sidebar, and footers of the pages. But also can be used within pages as minimal decorative touches.

Spread Illustration On Children’s Book:

This illustration normally consists of two adjacent pages fully, use of text in these illustrations is very common. This classic illustration on books is normally designed for young children and textual blocks.

How Many Illustrations Does A Children’s Book Require?

The size of pages, pages of the books, and type of books should be considered; for instance, a drawing book requires more drawing illustrations. 

  •  24 to 30 pages are normally used for children’s story books.
  • In these, 2 pages are counted or printed as front and end one page is attached with book covers.
  •  Normally, picture books are full pages or spread illustrations on each page 
  • The first chapter of the book commonly used half or spot illustration styles. This choice is not specific or strict to follow, you can decide it on your own.
  • Therefore, children’s book illustration requires a lot of art-creating skills and time also.

Final Words:

A perfect illustration of children’s book grabs the child’s attention and creates a curiosity towards the books. So always choose a comprehensive style of children’s book illustration that should be unique and memorable for kids. In the past few years, there has been a large demand for illustration because the world is shifting towards digitallization.

This conversion is not just making diversity for the children but also the young readers in meaningful ways to get inspired and engaged with it. So there are so many styles and mediums you can choose to illustrate in the books.

The children’s book illustration should be suitable for the kids targeted age groups. It clarifies the actual storytelling to children as it is very crucial. Whether you are creating dream-like illustrations or real-life art, it should give details.


Do I need to be an author and illustrator?

No, it’s not necessary to be both at the same time but information about these can help you a lot to understand the ideas of writing and illustrating a children’s book. But sometimes, the story should not rely just on text but also depending on the illustration used in it. So the childrens get more attractions towards the story.

Why is a children’s book only 32 pages?

Mostly, the printer operators required the 32 pages manuscript for the professional outlook of the book including title, dedication, copyright and the author details.. But if you want to add more pages, the page increment will be 8 pages. Your book will have 40, 48 pages and more depending on your selection.

How i can hire an illustrator for my children’s book illustration?

You can hire experts in illustration from dreamskillpro Here, we have a dedicated team of almost 45 workers. Just discuss your project with us and agree on terms like illustrations  figures, revisions, deadlines, payment schedule and ownership rights of illustration.

Which writing styles did a writer use while writing a children’s book?

Some of the writers used rhyming , wondrous and fantasy writing styles. But they use less humorous styling because the childrens could not understand this style easily.

What makes  a children’s book more engaging?

The story itself and the illustration both make a book glamorous or winsome. But in these, you should keep an eye to decide which colour will suited on your book cover and interior pages, the fonts styles using while writing should be simple or comprehensive



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